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1435 days ago
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From the fellows hour on December 10
1438 days ago
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Public hackpad (private doc not used)
1508 days ago
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Can I flag that this an area of interest for me and my team at WGBH, especially as it relates to kids' (ages 5-13) use of media and their knowledge (or lack thereof). I'm interested in issues that intersect - from COPPA and federal rules, to kids' use of emerging or ubiquitous technologies or applications, to collaboration & creativity. I'm waiting to hear back on a grant application to create animated short-form videos for kids and supporting materials for parents. I'm also looking to extend this to a wider project around supporting kids with learning difficulties (and their parents) as an extension of a previous research project funded by the Dept of Ed where I focused on supporting kids with ADHD with digital & analog tools. Long story short, if this is of interest, please drop me a line...
1509 days ago
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visualization of the survellience state
1510 days ago
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(We stayed in the room for the breakout)
1511 days ago
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Primary report back:

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